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High Density LEDs Now Available


Our LED products now feature new High Density LED boards. The boards exceed 85 lumens/watt and provide up to 9000 delivered lumens allowing you to properly light a space. The density of diodes provides reduced pixelization.

Zynn Linear Series

Pyxis Pendant

Zynn delivers quality illumination in a small fixture. It has the versatility to be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Its standard overall projection is 4", 12", or 18", and is offered with remote ballast.[Show All]

See all our RGB LED Products

RGB Products

Stile LED products have mutiple color temperatures, a variety of output levels and RGB LEDs. With our large LED offering, finding all the products that feature RGB LEDs can be quite time consuming. To make it easy, use this shortcut. [Show All]

What makes Stile linear lighting different?
unique style

Flexibility in the field.

Rotate from 0° all the way to 360°.

adjustable mounting
aiming flexibility

Infinitely adjustable in the field.

HVAC system in the way? No problem. Slide the mounting point over.

adjustable mounting

Personalizing to target.

Create a bulkhead specific for your project to add a personal touch.

adjustable mounting

Interrupted runs for placement.

Only place fixtures where light is needed, an interrupted run allows precise fixture placement

L4-X option
interrupted runs

Elevations are easy.

Stile linear systems can easily follow the elevation of stairs, up or down.

elevation changes

Circular runs to match.

Stile linear systems can follow the curves or bends in a space, providing linear solutions for challenging lighting applications.

circular runs

Less lamps - more savings.

Precise placement of light with interrupted runs offers these benefits.

  • Less Lamps
  • Less Ballasts
  • Less Materials

These features provide cost savings and less of an environmental impact.

go green